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These are the 30 most frequently asked questions about sustainable landfill:

You can find more detailed information on publications

1. What is the Sustainable Landfill project? »
2. What is sustainable landfill? »
3. Who initiated the Sustainable Landfill project? »
4. Why was the Sustainable Landfill Foundation established? »
5. What are the main conclusions of the Sustainable Landfill project? »

6. Is sustainable landfill reality or utopia? »
7. What is our definition of a sustainable landfill? »
8. What are the advantages of a sustainable landfill? »
9. What are the first five steps for constructing a new sustainable landfill? »
10. What are the main differences between a sustainable and an ordinary landfill? »

11. Does the sustainability of a landfill depend on the surrounding environment or is it a characteristic of the landfill body itself? »
12. Are laboratory, lysimeter and pilot studies necessary to develop and support sustainable landfill? »
13. Has the sustainable landfill concept been tested on a field scale? »
14. Are any further studies planned? »
15. What are the risks of sustainable landfill? »

16. What happens exactly in a landfill body? »
17. Is the process sensitive to internal and/or external factors? »
18. Has the black box been opened? »
19. Do sustainable landfills meet Dutch and EU landfill regulations? »
20. Does sustainable landfill comply with the proposed Groundwater Directive? »

21. Which wastes are needed for sustainable landfill and which are incompatible with sustainable landfill practices? »
22. What methods are available to determine whether wastes can be accepted? »
23. If a waste does not meet the criteria, are additional methods available to make them acceptable? »
24. How long does it take to achieve sustainable conditions? »
25. How does sustainable landfill change normal landfill operation? »

26. Is a bottom liner compulsory? »
27. Why does a top liner inhibit sustainable landfill processes? »
28. Are additional engineering measures required? »
29. Is it possible to convert an existing landfill into a sustainable landfill? »
30. What are the extra costs of sustainable landfill and what are the savings? »

If you still need further information please contact Jeanne Kok at the secretariat of the Sustainable Landfill Foundation, Dutch Waste Management Associatio, info@duurzaamstorten.nl.